XCORTECH X310 Pocket Size Chronograph


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The first Airsoft pocket chronograph on the market from Xcortech. The company has extensive experience in the chronometer market. The size of the device is comparable to the Go Pro webcam and it is very easy to use and is compatible with various weights and calibers of ammunition. It has two power options, one is an AA battery and the other is to connect a Micro USB cable to any USB port.

- Muzzle velocity measurement 3 to 980 FPS
- ROF measurement 75 to 6000 rpm
- High-density infrared sensor
- External power input: micro USB ( 5V / 0.5A )
- Tripod mount socket ( works with camera tripods )
- 25 shots memory
- Powered by AA battery x 1

Dimensions: 72mm x 47mm x 51mm
* Attention! Batteries are not included.