WE Metal Slide M&P Compact GBB Pistol (Black)


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M&P (M&P means Military & Police) is introduced in 2005 which design has an improved trigger, enhanced ergonomics that allow for end user customization. The unique takedown method and fits both right-handed and left-handed user made it popular not only in military and police, also in civialian market. 

M&P offers a compact size in 2008 which targets the concealed carry market with its short barrel and shorter grip.

Metal Slide with Plastic compact size Lower Frame.
Semi-Automatic Pistol with blowback action.
Comes with 3 compact size grips in black (Small, Medium and large) and 3 in pink for user to change.
Comes with 1 extended magazine grip cover in blue with a big cartoon bird marking.
Luminous Front and rear sight.
Adjustable Hop-up system.
Included 21 rounds Standard Magazine and 16 rds compact magazine.
50 rds long magazine and CO2 magazine will be available soon.

Length: 170 mm
Barrel Length: 80 mm
Shooting Mode: Safety, Semi-Auto
Weight (g):  1080 (with box)
Color: Blue, Black, Pink (Additional Grip)
Gas: 8KG (134a), 12KG (Green Gas)
Magazine Capacity: 21+1 rds (Std), 16+1 rds (Short magazine)
Material: Plastic, metal
Bullet type: 6mm BB
Power (Muzzle Velocity): 310 FPS
Manufacturer: WE