VFC M1911 Tactical Custom GBB Pistol (Black)


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Product Specification
Capacity (rds)-20
Power (fps)-300
Power Source-Green Gas / Top Gas
Shooting Mode-Semi Auto
Net Weight (kg)-0.79
Length (mm)-230.0
Content Included:
VFC 1911 Tactical Custom GBB Pistol - Black
The VFC 1911 Tactical Custom GBB pistol is the latest 1911 pistol launched into the airsoft scene that aims to break a few molds for this traditional platform.  The pistol comes with easy to read sights, smooth cycling, and all the ergonomics you would come to associate with the 1911 platform.  This particular one is patterned after the same style 1911 used by LAPD SWAT in the movie "SWAT".  
Internally the pistol features a new hop up design that utilizes the guide rod for adjustments and can easily be accessed on the go if necessary, allowing for you to access the hop without removing the complete slide.  The pistol also features a 20rd magazine and aims to be an extremely gas efficient sidearm. 
As a final touch, the 1911 is unmarked, making it a lovely blank canvas for the user to place their own markings on it. 
Magazine Compatibility: 
VFC 20 rds Gas Magazine for 1911 Tactical Custom GBB Pistol
x1  VFC 1911 Tactical Custom GBB Pistol - Black