VFC M110K1 SASS GBB Airsoft Rifle (KAC Licensed)


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VFC M110K1 SASS GBB Airsoft Rifle (KAC Licensed)

Fully Licensed by Knight's Armament Company
Shortened Version of the M110 / SR25 Family
Ambidextrous Controls
URX 3.1 13.5" Handguard
High-Quality FDE Finish
Reinforced Internals
Strong Felt Recoil
Retractable Stock
VFC "GuideHOP" Hop-up Adjustment System
Compatible with VFC SR25 / M110 Series Gas Airsoft Magazines

During the United States War on Terror after the September 11th attacks, the U.S. Army realized they needed a weapon system that could be accurate at longer engagement distances, maneuverable for close urban combat, and carried a round more powerful than that of the traditional 5.56mm that was being used. Coupled with the increased need for snipers, the American military opened up a bidding contract for their SASS or Semi Auto Sniper System program. Among the many companies that entered in 2004, it was KAC (Knights Armament Company) in Titusville, Florida that won the bid in 2005.

The winning weapon system, as we see here, is a modified version of the SR25 or M110 that was currently being used by the Navy SEAL teams. Being chambered in 7.62x51 NATO or .308 the gun packed a punch and is based on the same AR10 platform as the SR25, it was familiar to soldiers within all branches of the military who were trained on its cousin, the AR15 (M4/M16).

This particular M110K1 is a shortened version of the original M110, employing a URX 3.1 13.5" handguard and a shortened barrel for increased maneuverability. This airsoft sniper also features an AR-style retractable buttstock instead of the bulky fixed stock employed on the original M110. The gun is also ambidextrous for ease of operation.

Just like the older M110, this model features the VFC "GuideHOP" Hop-up Adjustment System, meaning you can adjust the hop-up on the fly by simply rotating the mock gas block, VFC has also reinforced the internals by using steel components for the anti-impact bolt carrier reinforcing block, making this airsoft sniper rifle much more durable compared to its predecessor. Lastly, this airsoft sniper rifle is compatible with the VFC SR25 / M110 series of gas airsoft magazines.

Magazine Compatibility:
VFC SR25 / M110 Series Gas Airsoft Magazines

x1 VFC M110K1 SASS GBB Airsoft Rifle (KAC Licensed)
x1 M110 Gas Magazine
x1 User Manual

Originating Armory:KNIGHTS ARMAMENT
Capacity (rds):20
Power (fps):400
Power Source:Green Gas / Top Gas
Shooting Mode:Semi Auto
Net Weight (kg): 3.61
Length (mm):920.0
Barrel Thread Type:CCW