VFC FABARM Licensed STF12 Compact 11 inch Gas Shotgun - Black


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Highly Flexible Shotgun Platform
Patterned Similar to the Tokyo Marui M870 System
Features Picatinny Rail for Mounting Optics, Lights and Lasers.
Pump Action.
Compatible with Tokyo Marui Shotgun Shells.


Length - 840mm
Weight - 3096g
Magazine Capacity - 30 Rounds
Power Source - Green Gas / Propane
Blowback - NO
Shooting Modes - Pump Action
Hop-up - Adjustable.
Magazine Compatibility - VFC STF12 Shells / Tokyo Marui Shotgun Shells
FPS - Approx 350

The FABARM Licensed STF12 is a very tactical shotgun designed to be a highly flexible platform. The gun itself built upon a gas system similar to that of the Tokyo Marui M870 series of shotguns. The gun comes with a folding stock which makes the gun more compact and features accessory rails on the 12 and 6 o'clock positions for the mounting of sights, lasers, fore grips, or flashlights.

Internally the STF12 has 2 firing modes, a 3 shot spread and a 6 shot spread. The 3 shot spread shoots at a higher FPS while the 6 gives you a wider area of coverage at a lower FPS. The gun can also take Tokyo Marui M870 shotgun shells.


x1 VFC FABARM Licensed STF12 Compact 11 inch Gas Shotgun - Black
x1 Shotgun Shell.
x1 BB loader.
x1 Manual.