VFC BCM MCMR GBBR Airsoft Rifle (Carbine 14.5 inch)


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Fully Licensed Product
Latest VFC Gas Blowback System
High-Quality Construction
Licensed BCM Accessories Included
Ultra-Lightweight MLOK Rail System
Robust BCM SOPMOD Mod 1 Stock
Compatible with VFC AR / M4 Gas Airsoft Rifle Magazines
Snappy Satisfying Recoil Impulse

BCM or Bravo Company Manufacturing is a highly respected firearms manufacturer founded by retired Marines with the goal to create reliable products for not only soldiers but civilians alike. Renowned for their simple yet robust designs, BCM rifles have been used by many well-known shooters in the firearms industry such as Travis Haley, the GBRS Group, and Larry Vickers, to name a few. It is to no surprise, BCM stands for quality and reliability!

With this rich history, BCM partnered with VFC to bring the airsoft community a fully licensed product sporting the latest BCM externals and VFC internals, pushing this airsoft gun to maximum performance.

Externally, the rifle is exquisitely crafted and an incredible amount of detail has been paid to each surface. Everything you see on the airsoft gun transfers extremely well to its real steel counterpart, making this rifle an ideal choice for those that might consider using it as a training platform.

Licensed Parts List:

BCM Upper and Lower Receiver
BCM QD End Plate
BCM Bolt Carrier (Cover)
BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle
BCM Gunfighter Compensator
BCM Gunfighter Trigger Guard
BCM Gunfighter Stock Sopmod Mod 1
BCM Gunfighter Grip
Internally the rifle sports VFC's latest gas blowback system that features snappy and direct recoil impulse. The gas efficiency is exceptional compared to much of the competition and combined with increased FPS stability means this rifle will shoot incredibly accurately. The magazines are compatible with other standard VFC gas airsoft rifle magazines.

Magazine Compatibility:
Standard AR / M4 Gas Airsoft Rifle Magazines
BCM Air AR / M4 Gas Airsoft Rifle Magazines

x1 VFC BCM MCMR GBBR Airsoft Rifle (Carbine 14.5 inch)
x1 30rd Magazine
x3 MLOK Rail Sections
x2 Rail Covers
x1 User Manual