Umarex HK53 GBB Compact Assault Airsoft (by VFC ) (L101A1 UK)


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Umarex HK53 GBB Compact Assault Airsoft  (by VFC ) (L101A1 UK)

The HK 53 is a compact assault rifle of German origin. The HK 53 is the short carbine variant of the HK 33 rifle. It is often classified as a submachine gun due to its compact size. The HK 53 looks like it has similar proportions as the MP5, but the magazine well and forearm, and flash hider are longer, making it a slightly longer weapon.

The flash hider is longer and of a four-prong design while the flash from such a short barrel is much larger. Virtually all HK 53’s are fitted with a retractable stock, making them the HK 53A3. It is possible to fit fixed stock, resulting in the HK 53A2. During its production life, the HK 53 received upgrades similar to the HK 33E such as a new retractable stock and a new flash hider but was never rebranded.

The HK 53 was acquired by many nations in small numbers. Various units in Europe, North and South American and Asia acquired the HK 53 for use alongside the MP5.

- Lightweight & Enlarged Cylinder Bolt Carrier ( Aluminum Alloy )
- Gas Magazine includes bolt catching function
- Enhanced & Hard Kick Recoil Spring Group
- Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds
- Quick BB Loader
- Instruction Manual