Templars Gear Elastic Cummerbund With Pouches - Black

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SKU: TG-TPC-ECB1-S-BK Templars Gear

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Simple, elastic cummerbund belt with pouches designed to TPC system (Templars Plate Carrier). Made of a double, elastic 100 mm band provides a very good freedom of movement. On few places, the rubber was saw together to make three magazine pockets a side. The bottom of the each pocket is secured by a rubber band, preventing a magazine to slip downwards during motion.Quick and easy adjustment circuit is possible by Velcro of the back. Fits Templars Plate Carrier and other vests with "tunnel" on the back.


Available in three sizes:

  • S : 85 - 95 cm
  • M : 90 - 110 cm
  • L : 105 - 125 cm


Product features:

  • Made from a wide, double elastic band
  • Adjustable thanks to Velcro trim
  • Compatible with TPC or simillar design plate carriers
  • Six flat pockets on the belt
  • Product code: TG-TPC-ECB1
  • Manufacturer: Templars Gear, Poland