Silverback TAC41P Bolt Action Rifle - OD


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First Non-Bullpup Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper from Silverback
Original Design
Easy Hop-Up Adjustment
48rd Capacity* (See Description for Details)
Same Air Volume as SRS
New Hop-Up Design, Eliminating Over Turning
True Ambidextrous Design
Free Float Barrel Assembly
24mm CW Threading
Compatible with Silverback SRS Suppressors
Includes Butt Stock Spacers for Customized Lenth of Pull

Brand Silverback
Color Green
Model M24 & M40 & M700
Capacity (rds) 48
Power (fps) 380
Power Source Spring
Shooting Mode Bolt Action
Blowback No
Net Weight (kg) 2.73
Length (mm) 1090.0
Material Plastic

The Silverback TAC41P is a groundbreaking product from Silverback Airsoft, famous for their award-winning SRS line of bullpup airsoft sniper rifles. The TAC41P is a revolutionary product from the famed airsoft manufacturers as this is not only their first non-bullpup airsoft sniper, but more importantly this airsoft gun is not based on any other real steel firearm.

Free from the constraints of a set form, Silverback crafted the TAC41P to how they perceived the best sniper rifle could be. Starting with an originally designed chassis. The chassis is a lightweight yet highly robust polymer material that ergonomically feel very natural in hand. The gripping surface is considered relatively straight compared to other styles, much like that seen on M40 style sniper rifles. The curved rest where your thumb goes is molded in a way where it takes much of the strain off of your gripping position, making it easy to shoot and stay scoped in for extended periods of time. Towards the forward position of the chassis, you find M-LOK slots no the three, six, and nine o'clock positions and features a captured bolt for the mounting of camera tripods, mono-pods, and other screw mountable stands. The aft portion of the rifle features an adjustable cheek riser that is highly customizable and easy to deploy. You can also adjust the length of pull with included spacers for a custom shouldering experience.

The trigger is adjustable and is quite tactile. The operation of the bolt is smooth as you would expect from a Silverback airsoft sniper. The cylinder itself easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance. Most importantly the air volume of this rifle is the same as the Silverback SRS A2 series meaning you get an incredibly large volume of air (41cc). This translates into more consistent shots, highly stable performance, and less wastage. Pairing this with a free float barrel assembly and highly precise, redesigned hop-up unit, you will achieve pinpoint accuracy when delivering shots downrange. The threading on the barrel is 24mm CW and is compatible with other Silverback suppressors!

As previously mentioned the hop-up unit is redesigned. You will find it as a dial on the base of the outer barrel assembly. It features 0-9 settings with a total travel distance of 0mm to 0.75mm, you have no fear of over truing your hop-up.

Disassembly of the rifle is very easy and all the tools you need to do so can be found in the stock, under a rubberized pad for safekeeping. With a few simple turns and some unscrewing, you can disassemble your rifle completely or partially.

Finally, the rifle has an impressive 48 round capacity magazine but does feature a feed ramp internally. However, unlike other airsoft snipers with this feature, the TAC41P's internal feed ramp captures all of the BBs within, not letting them leak out (19 rounds in total). This ensures you are able to shoot rounds out consistently.

24mm CW

Magazine Compatibility:
Silverback TAC41P Magazines

x1 Silverback TAC41P Bolt Action Rifle - OD
x1 Magazine
x1 User Manual