PTS - Battle Comp BABC Flash Hider (14mm CW)


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- Material: Heat treated steel

About BattleComp 
BattleComp was born to meet a void in the industry. The brainchild of a law enforcement officer and an engineer, they saw that all the popular muzzle devices excelled in some ways but often compromised in others: The flash suppressors provide no recoil reduction. The muzzle brakes are unsuited for team, hallway, or any real serious defensive use because they beat up your teammates/family members. The devices that project muzzle blast forward have negatives in that they either weigh a huge amount, effecting target to target movement in a multiple target scenario, or they provide no recoil compensation. 
Thus was born BattleComp: a compensator for everyman. The BattleComp is the nexus of recoil reduction, muzzle climb reduction and reasonable cost that allows anyone to effectively utilize the AR-15 platform to it's ultimate purpose: allowing faster placement of lead on a target with almost NO negative consequences. 
It is the muzzle brake designed for the tactical end-user, by tactical end-users.

Based on the same precision construction as the original BattleComp 1.0, the BABC (Big A** Battle Comp) was designed as a multi-caliber compensator for larger caliber firearms from 6.5 Grendal, 6.8 SPC, 7.62 NATO to .300 Win Mag and AAC Blackout. The PTS BattleComp BABC is an accurate reproduction of the BattleComp BABC. 

"All PTS BattleComp muzzle devices are made from heat treated steel alloy bar stock with a black oxide finish and includes a crush washer and shim kit.”