PSIGEAR Dump Pouch

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PSIGEAR dump pouch has a rigid and sturdy structure that can prop up the open bag and works with the angled opening for users to get things in/out easily. Laser-cut mesh bottom for drainage,   ultra-light yet powerful. Bolt molle stick on the back enables combination with Molle-based gear. Angled design on the bottom makes objects inside the pouch closer to the body.


Cordura 500D material

Squadron Laser-cut Molle and PSIGEAR Bolt stick on the back realizes combination with Molle gear

Hinge Mark II buckle on the top and easy opening by pressing the female buckle

The opening of the pouch tilts down to increase error tolerance

Drawstring (parachute cord) closure to prevent objects from falling out

Two holes on the back bottom for webbing or leg straps to enhance stability during intense activities