KSC FPG Complete Airsoft Sub-Machine Gun (Japan Version)


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Originally named the FMG-9 or Folding Machine Gun 9mm, the name was changed to FPG as FMG was deemed to aggressive for what it was, as this is a gun you bring to a negotiation, not a shootout. It is a gun of self defense, a last resort, a personal defense weapon. This is a piece you bring to the scene where you want to look unarmed. 

Concealable in plain sight as it folds into a box, this can be disguised as a small package, or even a large laptop battery. Simply attach an M3 flashlight to the rail under the carry-handle/sight combo and the FPG becomes a portable security flashlight that should the unfortunate need arise, or should all hell break loose, near-instantly turns into a compact carbine/PDW for self defense. 

Made almost entirely out of high-strength fiber-reinforced polymer, this gun is light and maneuverable giving you that reaction time you need to draw, deploy and sight your weapon on target to defuse any hostile situation quickly and with maximum prejudice. The carry handle (as already mentioned) ha built-in sights but for those of use looking to speed up our target acquisition even more, there is a rail under the removable carry handle to allow the mounting of reflex sights, red dots and other optics and accessories. 

The KSC Model 18 is a select fire GBB pistol that clocks in at a respectable 285 fps on HFC but cranks up higher on Green gas (over 300 fps) and squeezes out a bit more (320+) with this models longer barrel (1 inch longer then normal). The weapon has a fire selector switching from semi to full auto on the slide inside the polymer housing. Previously you had to acquire the set and gun separately, now you can purchase this entire weapon solution in one purchase item. The set even comes with a KSC 49 round long type magazine for the Model 18c. 

Weight: 1,458 g
Length: 490 mm
Capacity: 49 rds
Power: 330 fps
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto