Hephaestus CNC Steel Fire Control Parts Set for GHK AK GBB System


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SKU: HE-GHK-029 Hephaestus

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Product Features:

CNC machined steel construction.  
Package include Firing Pin (HE-GHK-001), Sear (HE-GHK-012), Auto Lever (HE-GHK-026) and Hammer (HE-GHK-027) for GHK AK GBB System.
Precise tuning to maximize performance, enhance durability and reliability.
Suitable for GHK AK GBB system.
Enhanced replacement for original zinc alloy parts (#GKM-12-6 / #GKM-12-1-3 / #GKM-12-3 / #GKM-12-5).