Heat Movie Tactical Vest Version 2.5 (For Real size 30rd M4 mag) by TGC


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The new feature of Ver 2.5 is the removable strap of each mag pouch. You can have faster reloading time without those strap. Those strap can also be adjusted to accommodate longer mags.

The Heat Tactical vest Version 2.5 can hold 
- 8 X 5.56 magazines (Fit 400rd M4 aeg mag. 30rd GBB M4 mag or REAL steel 30rd M4 Magazine)
- 1 folding knife or pistol magazine pouch

-Mesh & elastic band to hold magazine
-Heavy weight M4 GBB magazine can also be secured on the vest

Version 2.5 has an reinforced back structure, better than ver 1.

***Will fit chest size 37inches or above

The 1995 crime/action/thriller movie Heat (Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Val Killmer, Jon Voight, Tom Sizemore, Ashley Judd, Dennis Haysbert and Natalie Portman to name just a few of the stars) saw a plot unfold with what has come to be an iconic gun fight sequences in downtown LA. Heavily armed criminals are seen wearing suits over assault vests carrying a barrage of assault rifle magazines. 

TGC brings us a recreation of that movie magic with their replica vest; a net-fabric vest with straps and elastic loops to accommodate up to 8 M4 magazines. The elastic and Velcro straps are all pretty generous so besides M4 magazines it can probably handle similarly sized magazines as well; the elastic is a tight fit and Velcro straps down just as tight which can make fast mag changes tricky but do a great job of holding them down securely and tight to the body. 

The whole vest is light and very thin allowing it to be worn under a suit jacket. Should you find yourself going to a CQB/urban themed game then this vest option might just be an invaluable addition to your wardrobe.