GHK - Colt M4A1 Daniel Defense RISII GBBR Gas Blow Back Rifle Airsoft


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Colt license authorized marking for the receiver
Daniel Defense License Authorized Marking for Handguard
Realistic Manufacturing Method
Mil-spec Hard Anodized Surface Finishing for Receiver and Handguard
Full CNC process DD Rail Interface System II Handguard
Actual Handguard Functional and Hole Position
Full CNC Process Aluminum Receiver
DD Ratented RIS II Hardware Pack
Product Specification
Originating Armory-COLT
Capacity (rds)-30
Power (fps)-400
Power Source-Green Gas / Top Gas
Shooting Mode-Semi Auto / Full Auto
Net Weight (kg)-3.29
Length (mm)-800.0
Content Included
GHK COLT M4A1 Daniel Defense RIS II GBBR
The GHK Colt M4A1 RIS II is also the SOPMOD Block 2 which is widely used by special operations forces in the United States military in different theaters around the world.? The rifle is very similar to its cousin the MK18 and can be mistaken as one to the untrained eye, however a good rule of thumb is that the SOPMOD Block 2 features a longer barrel and handguard, though it also being one from Daniel Defense.
The GHK version is a long-awaited release that GBB aficionados have been clambering for a long time.? Externally it is a true to form replication of the real steel version as this is a fully licensed product.? The handguard is a licensed rail that sports Daniel Defense markings and you can clearly see the COLT Logo engraved onto the lower receiver.
Internally, the rifle features the tried and tested GHK system that many of us have come to know to be one of the world's best gas blowback systems available.? Being a GHK gun it is also compatible with other accessories both internal or external that is compatible with GHK M4s.
x1 GHK COLT M4A1 Daniel Defense RIS II GBBR
x1 30 Rnd Magazine.
x1 Manual.
x1 BB Loader.