GATE X-ASR 4th Generation MOSFET


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X-ASR is the world's first 4th generation MOSFET protected against reverse polarity. It saves space, time and money because additional regular fuse is no longer needed. Acting as an electronic guard, X-ASR improves your AEG's safety and durability through conformal coating and self-test with 2 LEDs. Although designed for up to M120 springs, in case of high torque motor and gears you can use stronger spring

No additional fuse required in AEG installation
Automatic resettable protection against reverse polarity - protects motor and the MOSFET itself in the event of reverse polarity. Reverse connection will not damage the MOSFET or motor; the AEG will work again once you connect the battery in the right way.
Smart fuse - protects MOSFET in case of motor jam. It prevents from overheating, overloading and overcurrenting. The MOSFET is protected against short circuit of signal and motor wires. In case of too strong AEG configuration, the smart fuse will turn off the MOSFET in order to prevent overheating.
Built-in self-test - 2 LEDs allow for quick troubleshooting
Conformal coating - Military Specification MIL-V-173C provides resistance to difficult atmospheric conditions

Standard M4 AEGs

x1 GATE X-ASR 4th Generation MOSFET