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If you've got a thing for pistols in body kits, this gun probably already has your attention. This gun is based on the G&G GTP-9 gas blowback Airsoft pistol, but with a complete replacement upper receiver to make the ultimate CQB carbine with plenty of kick, noise, and performance. If you think this is just another Gas Blowback, you're mistaken, this is going to change your CQB game.


Gas Blowback Airsoft Gun
Absolute CQB Monster
Based on the GTP-9 Pistol with a customized upper receiver
Safe, Semi, and Fully Automatic firing modes
Ambidextrous Magazine Release
Ambidextrous Slide Release
Ambidextrous side selectable Mock Port Cover
Ambidextrous side selectable sling loop
Ambidextrous non-reciprocating charging handle
Textured pistol grip to prevent slippage
Interchangeable Grip Back Strap for different sized hands
7'' MLOK Handguard
11 MLOK Rail Points available at 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9 o'clock positions
Front QD Sling Loop Mount Point on the front left of the replica
Full length top 20mm RIS / RAS rail for attaching large sight and scope setups
Two stage safety trigger to prevent negligent discharge
Removable full metal flash hider
Flash hider removable to reveal a 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel
Folding and locking stock
Rubberised butt plate to prevent slippage
Removable 20mm RIS / RAS flip up ironsights
Advanced next generation nozzle system
Ceramic frost resistant materials
Adjustable hop-up for range and accuracy
120 click adjustment hop-up unit
2x hop-up adjustment keys included
Free floating barrel assembly
Tool-less lower and upper splitting
    'SMG-9 M-LOK RAIL 7'' p/N: G03217'
    'P/N G06068'

Special Instructions
When rebuilding the gun after splitting the lower and upper for cleaning make sure the hammer is down or it will get in the way. Simply push it down until it clicks, then rebuild the gun.
If you go to remove the flash hider please ensure you first unscrew the grub screw which secures the flash hider in place. Do not try and force the flash hider off or you can cause damage to the threads.
This gun performs best in semi auto or short bursts any more than 4-5 rounds fired at once causes an extreme loss of range.