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The Ksc vz-61 have been out for quite a while and the feedback about the performance is extremely positive!!!but the only set back is that the appearance of the gun, some users complained about its plastic upper receiver not authentic enough and some said the grip not being wood made the gun even more ¡®toyish¡¯ than it already is. we bunny workshop took in all the feedback and came with the ultimate solution which is our Bunny custom vintage vz-61 gbb!!!!


Fully & Semi-Automatic Shooting Mode 
Gas Blow Back Submachine SMG Gun 
Polymer Body, Outer Barrel and Grip
Fixed Front and Rear Sight
Steel Folding Stock (Quick Detach System)
Metal Housing 20 rounds Loading Capacity Magazine
Each cycling will open & close the bolt cover 
Realism lock-bolt function which stops the gun from firing after last BB fired
System7, Taiwan Version

About Real SMG 
The korpion vz. 61 is a Czechoslovak 7.65 mm submachine gun developed in 1959 by Miroslav  (1924¨C1970) and produced under the official designation Samopal vzor 61 ("submachine gun model 1961") by the zbrojovka arms factory in Uhersk Brod. 

Although it was developed for use with security forces and special forces, the weapon was also accepted into service with the Czechoslovak Army, as a personal sidearm for lower-ranking army staff, vehicle drivers, armored vehicle personnel and special forces. Currently the weapon is in use with the armed forces of several countries as a sidearm. The ?korpion was also license-built in Yugoslavia, designated M84. It features a synthetic pistol grip compared to the original version. A civilian, semi-automatic version was also produced, known as the M84A, also available in .380 ACP (9¡Á17mm Short). 

-Material: Polymer body & Metal stock and parts
-System: Gas Blow Back
-Fire Mode: Semi-Auto, Full Auto & Safety
-Velocity of Muzzle: 320-340 FPS with 0.2 BB & Top Gas
-Length: 380mm / 590mm
-Barrel Length: N/A
-Magazine Capacity: 20 Rounds
-Hop-up: Adjustable
-Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual & Box


PS. without silencer .