Real Sword - SVD AEG Sniper Rifle (Bunny Custom Vintage)


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- Type: AEG
- Material: Steel, Real Wood
- Fire Mode: Semi-Auto
- Hop-up: Adjustable
- Length: 1225 mm
- Barrel Length:/
- Power Source:  Battery (Ak Stick)
- Barrel Thread Type & Diameter: /
- Magazine Capacity: 96 Rounds
- Package includes: Guns, Magazine

Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova, aka the Dragunov SVD was designed not as a standard sniper rifle in its Western meaning of the term. In fact, main role of the SVD in Soviet / Russian Army is to extend effective range of fire of every infantry squad up to about 600 meters and to provide special fire support. SVD is a lightweight and quite accurate (for its class) rifle, capable of semi-auto fire.

The first request for a new sniper rifle was issued in 1958 and in 1963 the SVD was accepted by the Soviet Military, it is designed to use any standard 7.62x54R ammunition, but its primary round is specially developed for the SVD sniper-grade cartridge with a steel-core bullet. Every infantry squad in the Russian (Soviet) army had at least one man with the SVD. The SVD rifle is extremely reliable in all conditions, and designed for heavy use. It has backup adjustable iron sights as a standard option, as well as a bayonet mount (standard AK-47 bayonet type).
The Real Sword SVD replica sports Steel CNC-milled receiver, outer barrel, rear sight, and muzzle device; using real wood for the stock and the hand guard. Built to 1:1 specifications to the real SVD, at exactly 1225mm in length, the RS SVD looks and feel exactly the same as the real steel SVD, even with all the original details and markings. Featuring an extremely long inner barrel and a super high capacity cylinder, the RS SVD is capable of shooting at extremely long ranges, with great accuracy. Each magazine holds up to 96rds, also constructed entirely of steel (1x 96rds Steel Mag Included). 8.4v 1200mah Stick type battery (sold separately) is stored in the spine of the receiver.