GHK - AKMSU GBB Rifle (Bunny Custom Vintage)


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- Type: GBB
- Material: Steel, Real Wood
- Fire Mode: Semi-Auto, Full Auto
- Hop-up: Adjustable
- Length: 540 mm
- Barrel Length:/
- Power Source: Gas (Green Gas / Top Gas)
- Barrel Thread Type & Diameter: /
- Magazine Capacity: 40 Rounds
- Package includes: Guns, Magazine

The AKMSU is a compact carbine version of the Soviet AKM assault rifle. AKMSU stands for Assault rifle ('Avtomat' in Russian) by Kalashnikov, Modified, Skladivaushiisya (folding-stock), Ukorochenniy (Shortened) - Soviet assault carbine.

The AKMSU includes all the standard fittings and levers that you would expect in an AK style weapon.

Firing the GHK AKMSU is an experience in itself. When you let the bolt fly on full auto firing mode, the recoil kicks back in very satisfying concise succession with all the clicks and clacks adding that robust cold war metal flavor. Like most airsoft guns, this GBBR is skirmish-able and also small enough for CQB, it's like the AK Style P90. Weighing in at an almost realistic 3.3 kgs, this raw metallic beauty has heft. With the GHK AKMSU, it's not just about the performance, but it seems to call-out as a tribute and testament to the historic value of the AKM variant.

-Front and rear elevation adjustable sights
-Stamped, treated, neatly spot welded and riveted full metal body and magazine (Metal body manufactured by Inokatsu)
-Removable and serviceable cleaning rod (not recommended for actual use)
-Front recoil compensator unlocks and unscrews off the 14mm CCW outer barrel
-Authentic wood fore grip, plastic pistol grip
-Adjustable hop up unit accessible when you open the bolt