APS - Action Combat Pistol Black (DEB)


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- Type: GBB
- Material: Metal Alloy
- Fire Mode: Semi-Auto
- Hop-up: Adjustable
- Length: 215 mm
- Barrel Length: /
- Power Source: Gas (Co2)
- Barrel Thread Type & Diameter: /
- Magazine Capacity: 23 Rounds
- Package includes: A.P.S. CO2 Action Combat Pistol ACP601B (Black)
23 rounds Gas Magazine, Instruction Manual

Action Combat 601 (ACP601) – First Airsoft Pistol made by APS After a long period of development, ACP601 is now available in Q1 of 2013. Design and concept coming from the RAM Paintball Marker “RAMCOMBAT”, This Co2 powered pistol provides you a fantastic blow back recoil in shooting. Action Combat 601 or so called “ACP601” has many advantages against other existing Airsoft Pistols

Patented design

Action Combat has a patented design of external appearance. The size and weight are similar to a real pistol and it can be fit into a real firearms hostler. The material that is used in its lower frame has the same material of a real firearms used. The handling and recoil is superb which provide realism to user. ACP601 shoot 6mm plastic BB, which is the most common caliber used in Airsoft sports nowadays.

Co2 surpass the Top Gas

ACP601 is powered by 12g Co2 canister which is easy to find and purchase in the store or supermarket. Insert one Co2 canister allows you to fire up to 70 rounds. There is no denying that Co2 works better than Top Gas (Green Gas) in cold weather. We charged and operated ACP601 in 5°C / 41°F and the test result is positive. Our Action Combat 601 works better than any other Top Gas guns in extreme weather. The velocity of the pistol stays in 350 – 380 FPS range, which is beyond comparison than any others Top Gas Pistol.

Aftermarket parts compatible

ACP601 use common part which is compatible with the major leading brand in the market. For Instance, our Co2 magazine can be used in TM and WE pistol. Upgrades and modification is possible. Performance parts can be used and external accessories can be mounted. Our ACP601 is designed for Airsoft War Games, or even upgradable to professional IPSC guns, this is totally the user choice.

To conclude, a fair quality pistol can be easily found in the market. But a good quality pistol is hard to get. The best quality pistol even never exists until Action Combat is born. With patented design and its high compatibility, we believe Action Combat is the best pistol among its competitor.

- A.P.S. CO2 Action Combat Pistol ACP601B (Black) 
- 1:1 Ratio Realistic Airsoft GBB Pistol 
- Semi-Automatic Airsoft Gas Blow Back GBB Pistol 
- Powerful performance With CO2 Gas 
- Extreme smooth slide cycling with clicks & clacks metal sound 
- Engraved "ACP" marking on body 
- 20mm Picatinny Under Rail for tactical accessories (e.g. flashlight / laser) 
- Strong recoil feel (better hold with both hands) 
- Come With 23 Rounds Loading Capacity CO2 Gas Power Magazine 
- Powerful 360fps with CO2 GAS