WE British SA80 L85 GBB Rifle Open Chamber


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L85 GBB Rifle is a new breed of CQB airsoft gun 
L85 is a bullpup assault rifle originating from Great Britain; in its native armed forces, the British refer to its original moniker, the SA80. 
Was involved 1991 Persian Gulf War , Bosnian War , Kosovo War , Sierra Leone Civil War And 
Iraq War 

Features :
Fully & Semi Automatic Shooting Mode 
Can Use Top Gas to Shoot ,Makes this gun operate more realistic
Heavy Blowback recoil System
Steel Receiver and Carry Handle
Aluminum Outer Barrel
Nylon Fiber Handguard, Grip, Cheek Piece With Rubber Stock Pad,you can hold this heavy rifle tightly.
Can Shoot out 400fps with 0.2g BBs (Top Gas)
M4 Type Magazine accommodate 30 rounds 
Sling mount can be installed with any tactical sling 

Specifications :
Length : 810mm 
Barrel Length:  ~440mm 
Hop-up : Adjustable 
Shooting Mode :Semi/Fully Automatic 
AEG Power Source :TOP / Green Gas 
Weight :4620g
Color : Black(body)/OD ( Handguard, Grip,Cheek Piece)
Magazine Capacity :30 rounds
Magazine Materials : Metal
Bullet Type : 6mm BBs
Power (Muzzle Velocity) :400fps (Top Gas)
Manufacturer:  WE