WE Metal Body AK PMC Gas Blowback "Open Chamber" Airsoft Rifle


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Features :
Full-Stamped steel body,Full Travel bolt.
Fire selector bolt-lock, Last round firing pin block.
RS-Style trigger group.
Featuring full steel construction .
"Open Chamber" system , powerful blow back effect.
Tactical railed end, M4 style stock adapter, and collapsible SOPMOD style stock .
Most of your real steel rifle accessories will fit on,

giving all you law enforcement and military folks a way to practice with a very real-feeling, yet safe, training weapon that feels one-to-one with your actual service weapon .
Realistic feel, weight, balance, construction, and functionality. 
Usable with green gas, propane, and CO2 out of the box. 
Side mount are include .
Polymer made Tri-rail handguard allow to attach any accessories.
Standard length barrel , rear sight.
QD 360o sling mount ready to attach a single point sling.
Come with a replica 7.62 type gas magazine, also made by metal.

Specifications :
Length : 880mm/960mm (Extended)
Shooting Mode :Semi/Fully
Power Source :Gas
Weight (Gram): 4935(With Box)
Color : Black
Magazine Capacity :40 rounds
Materials :Polymer /Steel
Bullet Type : 6mm BB
Power (Muzzle Velocity) : 390fps (0.2 Gram bb / Top gas)
Manufacturer: WE