MAGPUL Licensed G&P M4 Carbine MOE GBB Rifle (Black)


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MAGPUL Licensed G&P M4 Carbine MOE GBB Rifle 
With MAGPUL MOE Series Accessories. You could try how realism of strong recoil action from GBBR, yet won't add burden to your equipment bag. 
WA internal parts with all possible METAL upgrade from G&P such as Hop-up chamber set 
Crispy Metal Sounds & Smoother slide cycling 
Licensed MAGPUL Type Aluminum Metal Receiver with Laser Marking 

Upgrade Include: 
-WA Magpul Type Metal Body (Black) (WP140) 
-WA Magpul Gas Blowback Magazine (39rds) (Black) (WP159) 
-Magpul PTS MOE Pistol Grip (Black) 
-Magpul PTS Back-Up Rear Sight (Black) 
-Magpul PTS MOE Handguard Kit (Black) 
-Magpul PTS MOE® Stock (Black) 
-WA M4A1 Aluminum Outer Barrel (WP49) 
-M4 Flashider (Clockwise) (GP087C) 
-WA 6 Position Stock Pipe (WP59) 
-WA Steel Stock Ring (WP26) 
-WA M4A1 Pipe Ring (WP30) 
-WA Hammer Set (WP11) 
-WA M4 Metal Sear 
-WA M4 Trigger Guard (WP25) 
-WA Metal Bolt Stop 
-WA SPR Type Cocking Handle (WP52) 
-WA M4 Hammer Lock (WP57) 
-WA Metal Magazine Catch 
-WA Metal Selector 
-WA Metal Forward Assist 
-WA M4 Speed Buffer (WP154) 
-WA Complete Bolt Carrier (Negative Pressure)(WP113) 

Full Metal 14mm Clockwise barrel extension tube 
Sling mount can be installed with any single, 2- or 3- point tactical sling 
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