Bolt Airsoft - SR47 / BR47 EBB ( Custom Ver. LIMITED )


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The SR-47 is a modern assault rifle based on the AR-15 family of rifles created by Knight's Armament Company for USSOCOM. Unlike the majority of guns based around ArmaLite design, the SR-47 is essentially an AR-15 that fires the Soviet 7.62×39mm round from AK-47 magazines, which explains the "47" in the gun's name. The rifle was created after soldiers on long missions in Operation Enduring Freedom complained of running out of 5.56×45mm NATO ammunition for their M4 carbines but having plenty of captured AK-47 magazines.[citation needed] The SR-47 is basically an M4 that will accept standard AK-47 magazines rather than NATO STANAG M16/M4 mags, along with other minor modifications common to KAC's designs.

Built Material: Steel , ABS Grip
System: EBB system, Semi / Full Auto, Hop-Up
Magazine: 600 Rounds
Length: 713 / 950mm
Barrel Length: /
Weight: 3640g
Battery: AK Stick TYpe
Muzzle Velocity: 370-390FPS with 0.2g BBs
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine