May Flower - RECCE CHEST RIG (HK417) (Desert Digital)


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May Flower

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The Recce Chest Rig (HK417) is designed as a long range, long duration reconnaissance vest to be used with the HK417 platform. To accommodate the increased weight this chest rig is made of a combination of 500D and 1000D materials. This chest rig is designed to be ambidextrous and carry the following: 6 ea HK417 magazines (3 open top, 3 in flapped pouches), two large GP pouches provided with a full flap (removable), and a short flap and divider (removable) allowing an inter-team radio (PRC-152/PRC-148) with a BA 5590 or similar sized battery as the power source to be carried on either side, two small GP pouches sized for a camera, GPS, flash bang, mini-frag or similar sized items. The H style harness is padded and adjustable for width (horizontal portion of the H) for use with or without armor and has elastic and 1" webbing vertically spaced on the front for cable/antenna management, hydration tube routing and the mounting of additional small items . Elastic is provided on the front underside of the vest for antenna relocation. All buckles are ITW-Nexus IR and all materials and workmanship are 100% made in the USA.

Due to the size of the HK417 magazines this chest rig will accommodate several different types/quantities of other types of magazines.