G-Code - Standard XST Kydex Holster (Highlander, Right, P226,228,220,229, Marui Hi-Capa)


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SKU: BW-CG-GCODE-XST-L-P226-Highlander G-code

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- Material: Kydex Fabric

Holster Only, please select other accessories.
The XST Series of holsters takes all the positives from the OSH Series (Heavy Use, Precision Formed, Modular Kydex Holster featuring a fold/wrap design with Adjustable Pro-Safe Tensioning) while adding a second level of retention. 
The second level of retention is added with an Over the Top, Power Assisted, Retention Canopy. 
Built for combat, and ready to take a beating. 
Available in multiple colors and coatings, we have the right setup for your combat load out. 

P.S: This Holster fit Marui Hi-Capa Perfectly !