G-Code - The HSP Disruptive Environments Carrier set (2 x M4 Mags & 3 x Glock17 Mags, with ISS Leg System)


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The HSP D3 Carrier by G-Code is the latest collaboration between Haley Strategic Partners and G-Code holsters. 

The Goal: To create an advanced, modular ammunition carry system that is minimal in bulk, light weight and adaptive across changing environments.
The Result: Each Carrier component within the system consists of an ambidextrous, tension adjustable and form fitted magazine cavity. These function as the core building elements of the system and are precision molded and finished.
Using select materials; outer surfaces are laminated to enhance overall performance through the reduction of noise, as well as, reflective and visual signatures in both the standard and IR light spectrums.
Each Carrier is engineered with an array of mounting points that enable integration between mounting components and carry accessories. Likewise; multiple carriers can be attached, stacked and combined in various build configurations to meet mission requirements.
Pistol magazine carriers can be added so as to maximize ammunition capacity while minimizing the carry footprint. 
Carriers are available in single and double magazine configurations.

Available mounting options include:
+ Paddle
+ Belt-Slide
+ MOLLE Adapter
+ ISS Drop-leg Adapter (Intermediate suspension system)
+ Harness Adapter; enables the Carrier to be used with most tactical harnesses.