Asura Dynamics Russian Sepcial Force Assault Shield (Replica FORT Arpha-VM Shield)


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Asura Dynamics

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Material: Hard Foam Backed Fabric, Metal, Nylon

Size: 50cm(w) x 120 cm(h)

Weight: 5000 gram


(* This is original information from FORT, this shield is made by non-ballistic material, only for airsoft game or display only)


Original Information 

FORT “Arpha-VM” ballistic shield is designed for storming operations and is manufactured under a particular technology that takes into account latest achievements in the field of reliability of armour structures.

Specifics of the design and unique armour structure of the shield provide for sufficient mobility and highly efficient protection against hard steel core bullets for AKM and AK-74 assualt rifles, mild steel core bullets for SVD rifle, bullets for M16 rifles (A1 and A2) at 5 meter distance with a low probability of ricochet.

Observation window is equipped with armour glass of protection class 5.

Protection surface of the shield – 42 Weight of the shield - 24 kg.

The shield is equipped with a bottom side flap that protects against handgun bullets of TT, PSM and APS.

Location of handles and belt elements is so arranged that the shield can be held suitably by either right or left hand.

High ergonomic parameters are provided due to application of a special belt suspension system that allows to redistribute weight from user arms to body.

“Arpha-VM” armour shield may be equipped with a special built-in wide-angle color video observation system (model name “Arpha-VM-T”) making it possible to do without observation slot.