ICS - L85A2 Carbine Airsoft AEG (ICS-87)


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- Type: AEG
- Material: Polymer, Steel, Aluminum Alloy
- Fire Mode: Semi-Auto, Full Auto
- Hop-up:    Adjustable
- Length: 720mm
- Barrel Length: 400mm
- Power Source: Battery (Handguard)
- Barrel Thread Type & Diameter: / 14mm
- Magazine Capacity: 450 Rounds
- Package includes: AEG, Magazine, Manual

THe most significant feature of L85 is the bull pup design. One of the features of bull pup design is that the group and magazine are placed in the stock behind the trigger. 
The design allows the weapon to be shorter and lighter but keep the same barrel length and effective range. Therefore, soldiers can move quickly and agilely in narrow space and have the same fire power and accuracy in open fields. This design provides the best performance and maneuverability in the mean time. the famous Taiwanese AEGs manufacturer, ICS, announce L85 Carbine after the success of ICS L85 / L86. ICS L85 Carbine has all the advanced designs of ICS L85 A2 / L86 / A2. The length of L85 Carbine is even shorter than ICS L85 A2. L85 has very good maneuverability. The even shorter L85 Carbine brinds the even greater lethality without the compromise of effective range and accuracy. It makes L85 Carbine one of the best weapons for CQB. The unique features and innovations make ICS L85 Carbine the excellent AEGs for play and collection. 

- High Performance Assembled Electric Powered Airsoft AEG
- Semi & Fully Automatic Shooting mode 
- Steel、Aluminum & Standard Industrial Plastic Construction 
- The barrel base reinforces the structure of gun body. The whole structure won't shock. And the receiver is made of stamp steel like real gun. 
- Include Two High Capacity Magazine accommodate 450 Rounds of 6mm Plastic BB 
- Adjustable Spring tension system 
- Precision barrel shot over 395FPS out of the box 
- Carry Handle integrated with Rear Detachable Iron Sights 
- 165mm Plastic Handguard 
- Ergonomics texture Pistol Grip 
- 240mm Outer Barrel With 75mm Flash Hider