ARES Amoeba M4 - CCR Electronic Firing Control System - Black


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This is ARES's attempt on doing their own thing. It's the M4 Tactical Pistol series, also known as the AMOEBA. Wiki's definition of AMOEBA is a genus of Protozoa that consists of unicellular organisms which do not have a definite shape. At first glace, you'd probably agree at the fact that there is no definitive shape at all but upon closer inspection, it looks like a M4 / High Cycle AUG love child with a Kriss Vector Style folding stock.

The AMOEBA comes in 3 forms. The CCR, which we will name the Original, the CCC, it's singular top railed brother, and the CCP, which is basically the CCC without the stock.

As I've mentioned, the Original looks like the love child of the HC AUG and the M4. It's got QUAD rails with a removable fore grip and a flash hider which you can take off to reveal a 14mm CW thread. The top rail has a unique front and rear sight that blend in with the top rail. You can add any accessory on top if you want. It has a folding stock which you can swing to the right side. The mag release and fire selector can only be found on the left side and the hop up can be found be pulling the charging handle back, which reveals the 'bolt'. The CCC and the CCP don't have a flash hider, they have a thread cover instead which you can also remove. If you wish to add a silencer, make sure it is 3 cm in diameter before you try fitting it on. And instead of the QUAD rails, it has one solid piece with a fore grip which you can slide off. Other than that, the CCC and the CCR are exactly the same.

What the CCP doesn't have is the stock. Instead, it has a sling point which is incredibly useful.

For all 3 of these, the slow where you insert the battery is IN the top rail. You have to remove the front sight which is very easy. There are two buttons on the front sight, squeeze them and the front sight should slide off. You can fit a thin stick battery in there with a Tamiya plug.

How does it fire? Well, the AMOEBA has the inner barrel length of the average pistol. All 3 shoot at 300 fps which is perfect for CQB and the strange thing is that it is actually very accurate. It can hit a can regularly from about 20 meters away with no problem. If you want to make it more accurate, replace the inner barrel with any AEG barrel and cover it up with a suppressor to make this look Badarse!

The AMOEBA uses ARES's Electric Fire Control System so you can make your AMOEBA shoot in burst fire if you wish. Inside, you can find a MOSFET so each and every single shot is even and consistent with one full rotation of the gears. For the CCR, CCC and CCP, you can remove the 'stock' to reveal a quick change spring system which was very thoughtful of ARES!


Product Brand:    ARES
Product Code:    AM-001-BK
Weight:    1,746 g
Length:    600 mm
Capacity:    300 rds
Power:    300 fps
Battery Size:    Stick Battery Tamiya
Shooting Mode:    Semi, Full Auto