BatMetalFeb 9, '21

Russia is seriously forging ahead with the development of next generation equipment for its soldiers. It’s “Future Soldier” program has been churning out some promising tech that includes exoskeletons and even some robot soldiers. But in this latest development, Russian State Corporation Rostec announce the next generation body armor that can stop .50 caliber bullets. If indeed it is true and gets issue, Russian soldiers will be unstoppable unless they are hit with tank rounds or Hellfire missiles. Called “Sotnik” or Centurion, this replaces the “Ratnik” program and Rostec is in charge in the development 4th generation combat gear.  According to Russia Beyond, the body armor is made with Russia’s new polyethylene fiber and for something that will stop a .50 caliber round which can penetrate light armored vehicles, we expect it to be a heavy thing but Rostec claims that is lightest body armor that can take a direct hit from a big round. Furthermore, Russian Beyond says that Rostec will be working not only in stopping bigger caliber bullets but also absorb shock pulse, or the shock generated by the impact of the round that can do damage to internal organs.

Press release from Rostec below on the development of the “Sotnik” 4th Generation soldier equipment:

Rostec Develops 4th Generation Combat Gear

Rostec State Corporation as well as a number of other enterprises, have begun research work to create combat equipment for the soldiers of the future. Development is planned to replace the third generation Sotnik gear.

Concern Kalashnikov and the Central Scientific Research Institute of Precise Mechanical Engineering as many other Rostec State Corporation institutions will participate the R&D project, and they will closely study advanced combat gear used by various armies of the world, determine prospects for the development of combat equipment, and establish the full range of upcoming research, development and technological research necessary for creating a new generation of equipment.

The ultimate goal will be the formation of an interdepartmental comprehensive target program "Military gear development for 2035".

"Rostec holds high competencies in the creation of advanced weapon systems. The new generation gear will consist of a fundamentally new set of technology, including the latest achievements of the Russian defense industry, including robotic equipment and integrated systems for exchanging information. The creation of such equipment requires a lot of scientific research. Today we have started the first stage of development – the definition of tactical and technical requirements. The corresponding task has already been received from the Ministry of Defense," said the industrial director of the State Corporation Rostec Bekkhan Ozdoev.

By the end of 2020, Rostec had delivered more than 300,000 second-generation Ratnik combat gear outfits. Currently the State Corporation is developing the third-generation Sotnik outfit, several of its elements are already undergoing preliminary tests.